How to join the CASDW-ACR Listserv

The CASDW-ACR Listserv is an open discussion list; any subscriber can write to the full list with topics relevant to the whole group.

To subscribe to the list, send an email to (upper or lower case is acceptable). In the BODY of the message, type a command of the form:

subscribe CASDW-ACR-L firstname lastname

You will then receive a “Command Confirmation Request” email. You must reply to that email with “ok” written in the body of the email. This will complete the subscription process. Please note: If you have an automatic signature in your email, please remove it when sending and replying to

To send a message to the full CASDW-ACR listserv, address your email to CASDW-ACR-L@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA.

Please note, the CASDW-ACR Listserv requires that you renew annually; you will receive an annual email requesting that you confirm your continued subscription. If you don’t reply to that email, your subscription will automatically be cancelled.

Other Commands:

To unsubscribe from the list: CASDW-ACR-L-signoff-request@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA

To visit the list home page: