Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie

Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie (DW/R) is the official journal of the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing. The journal is open access and aims to promote a range of approaches to writing and discourse research within the humanities and social sciences. It welcomes contributions on theoretical and pedagogical issues related to discourse and writing from a variety of academic fields, including communication, education, rhetoric, English, linguistics, journalism, psychology, and sociology.

Since 1982, DW/R has been publishing articles of interest to teachers of technical, professional, scientific and academic writing. It was formerly known as the Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie.

As of 2021, the Editorial Team consists of Sean Zwagerman (Simon Fraser University) and Kim Mitchell (Red River College). The French editors are Isabelle Clerc (Université Laval) and Céline Beaudet (Université de Sherbrooke).

DW/R shifted to a no-fee open-access format in 2011 with a broader focus on discourse and writing studies. The work is published electronically under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 4.0). This license allows users to adapt and build upon the published work, but requires them to attribute the original publication and license their derivative works under the same terms. Currently the journal is hosted by the Public Knowledge Project at the Bennett Library of Simon Fraser University.