The Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing-l’Association canadienne de rédactologie (CASDW-ACR)

The Shape of Writing and Discourse Studies to Come /
L’avenir de la rédactolgoie

May 30 to June 02, 2022

Virtual Conference


Conference links will be available for each session for those who have registered for the conference.

For CASDW-ACR members, you will need to do registration and membership as two separate transactions.

The fees for CASDW-ACR’s 2022 conference are as follows:

To take advantage of the lower conference rates, we strongly encourage new-comers to join CASDW-ACR.

Membership fees last for one (1) year, and are $50 for regular members and $35 for students/retirees/unsalaried members.

Please note that CASDW has opted out of Congress 2022, so our conference is NOT part of Congress registration.


To see the schedule, you can visit our CASDW 2022 conference page: 

Please note that signing up on and actually registering for the conference are two different things. We will manually add you as an attendee in after you have registered.

There are no concurrent sessions this year. Every session stands alone, so that no one will have to miss anything. We encourage you to attend the virtual sessions you can fit into your schedule.

Learn more about this year’s theme by reading the
2022 Call for Proposals / Appel de communications