How to Join

Update: Our online membership payment site through the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is up and running. Please go to the following links to renew your membership. 

Payment Link (English)
Payment Link (French)

The current membership fees are as follows:

$50 Cdn. for regular members
$35 Cdn. for retirees and students (Students, please include a photocopy of your valid student card with your cheque.)

Your membership extends through the calendar year, January 1 until December 31.

If you have questions about membership, please contact our Treasurer-Membership:

W. Brock MacDonald
Woodsworth College, University of Toronto
119 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A9

Tel: 416.978.0246
Fax: 416.978.6111
Email: wb.macdonald[at]utoronto[dot]ca