Statement on Writing Centres and Staffing

At the CASDW 2019 AGM, members voted on an amendment to revise the 2016 CASDW Statement on Writing Centres and Staffing. Written in response to the abrupt elimination of several writing centre positions at Canadian universities and undertaken to support our writing centre colleagues, the statement unwittingly had the opposite effect in some cases, particularly on some members of CWCA, many of whom are also CASDW members. At a forum on the Statement held at last month’s CASDW 2019, members from both organizations discussed the problems with the statement and ways to repair and build closer relations between CASDW and CWCA. A proposal was made that CWCA would be the appropriate organization to write a new and more comprehensive statement, with input from CASDW. A motion to have CWCA write a new statement, with contributions from members of both organizations, was ratified at the CASDW 2019 AGM and a timeline of next year’s CASDW given for the new statement to be publicly available. Thanks to all members who attended the roundtable and AGM for their contributions.

Andrea Williams, CASDW President