CASDW 2013 Conference Call for Papers


Transformations at the Edge: Writing Research, Discourse, & Pedagogy

The Fifth Annual Conference of
the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing (CASDW / ACR)

University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada

June 1 to 3, 2013


We invite papers on all aspects of writing studies for the fifth annual conference of CASDW, the largest gathering of writing studies scholars in Canada.  In particular, we invite papers on research into discourse and on writing theory and pedagogy connecting with the theme of the 2013 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences: “@ the Edge. This theme encompasses

our sense of the need to centre the periphery both institutionally and socially, testing the
boundaries of disciplines, promoting innovative thinking, seeking relevance to both local
and global communities, and committing to engaged scholarship and knowledge mobilization
. . . [and] creative interdisciplinary research.  

Papers might address questions such as the following:

  • How have new communications technologies transformed public discourse, knowledge mobilization, writing in the professions, writing pedagogy, or approaches to writing research?
  • How has globalization affected professional writing, public discourse, or writing pedagogy?
  • How has the study and teaching of writing—including writing centre work–been transformed by changing institutional contexts, blurring disciplinary boundaries, emphasis on student engagement, or developments like community-service and co-op learning?
  • How have new understandings of genre and genre theory transformed our understanding of writing practices in diverse communities?
  • What compelling research questions are emerging on the frontiers of writing research?

Papers that go beyond these themes are also welcome. We invite papers that draw on work in genre studies, rhetorical theory, composition studies, writing centre theory and practice, and professional and technical writing research and practice. We welcome papers that connect with CASDW’s heritage as a place for sharing research on technical and professional writing as well as those that connect with its more inclusive mission to examine all forms of discourse and writing and to explore pedagogical practices and innovations and the lessons learned from them. Information on proposals is included below.

The 2013 CASDW conference will feature as a keynote speaker Doreen Starke-Meyerring, of the Centre for Integrated Studies in Education and the Centre for the Study and Teaching of Writing, McGill University.
The conference will also include workshops for aspiring grant writers and for new teachers of writing.

CASDW 2013 – Proposal template

Paper title:

Names & institutional affiliation (for all presenters):

Presentation format (check one):

¨  15-20 minute individual paper presenting the results of new research or focusing on a
pedagogical issue or innovation.

  • Proposals with a research focusshould state the research question, establish its significance, and outline the theoretical framework and research methods used; the key findings and implications for practice or pedagogy may also be highlighted. 
  • Proposals with a pedagogical focus should describe the pedagogical issue or innovation of interest, establish its significance, and place it into a theoretical or research context.

¨   90-minute panel (3 to 5 speakers) comprising a collection of individual papers on a shared topic of interest related to discourse or the teaching of writing.

  • Proposals for panels should include the key information for all individual contributors.

¨   90-minute roundtable discussion (4 or 5 participants) focusing on a provocative or critical question related to the study and teaching of writing.

  • Proposals should outline the rationale for the roundtable, its objectives, and the suggested discussion points. 

Short abstract for the program overview (75-word maximum):

Abstract (500 words maximum per presenter or participant.

AV requirements:  Please specify any AV equipment or software you will require.

Conference proceedings:  If you are not planning to seek publication in a scholarly journal (including Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing, the refereed journal published by CASDW), are you interested in having your paper included in conference proceedings to be published online on the CASDW website?  (Complete manuscripts would be required by June 30, 2013.)        YES          NO

CASDW 2013 Proposal Deadline:   January 14, 2013
Please email proposals and inquiries to the 2013 program chair, Jo-Anne Andre,
at  For more information about CASDW, please visit