CASDW 2012 Best Article Award Results


BrentD. (2012). “Crossing Boundaries: Co-op Students Relearning to Write.” College Composition and Communication 63(4): 558-592.

Honorable Mention:

Derkatch, C, (2012). “Demarcating Medicine’s Boundaries: Constituting and Categorizing in the Journals of the American Medical Association.” Technical Communication Quarterly 21: 210-229.

Lingard, L., McDougall,A., Levstik, M., Chandok, N., Spafford, M.M., & Schryer, C.  (2012). “Representing complexity well: a story about teamwork, with implications for how we teach collaboration.” Medical Education 46(9): 869-877.

TachinoT. (2012). “Theorizing Uptake and Knowledge Mobilization: A Case for Intermediary Genre.” Written Communication 29(4): 455-476.

Yeoman, E. (2012). “The Pedagogy of Translation: Learning from Innu Activist Elizabeth Penashue’s Diaries.” Journal of the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies 10(2.).

Selection Committee

Sarah Banting, Mount Royal University

Margaret Clow Bohan, Dalhousie University

Roger Graves, University of Alberta (chair)

Miriam Horne, Champlain College