Xchanges — a venue for student publication

The following is reposted on behalf of Xchanges. Some of you will likely have students who might be intereated.
For our graduate-student issue of Xchanges, we are extending the submission deadline to July 15. I am sure some of you recall some great graduate-student seminar papers/multi-media works from the semester just ended. Please encourage those students (especially those for whom this would be a first publication) to submit their work for consideration.

We accept new research scholarship in the fields of rhetoric, writing studies, and technical communication; we also consider submissions that deal with issues facing writing centers and those engaged in writing across the curriculum. We publish traditional and mutli-media
Please spread the word about the extended deadline to your current and former graduate students. We will look forward to receiving submissions by July 15. The submissions will then go out for double-blind review to members of our national faculty review board.

Thanks! Don’t hesitate to write to me with questions.


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