Call for nominations/volunteers for CASDW president

As of the AGM in May, Jo-Anne Andre will come to the end of her tenure as Vice President of CASDW and will go on to the position of President. At that point we will need to elect (or perhaps acclaim) a new VP.

The Vice President is elected to a two-year term officially beginning on the date of the AGM. The major duty is to organize the annual conference, including recruiting a selection committee to vet proposals, preparing the program, assembling a Proceedings if the decision is made to publish one, and co-ordinating matters such as venue, audio-visual equipment and other logistical matters with the assistance of the Local Arrangements Chair. The Vice President is also a member of the Executive Committee, which will consult with the President on the day to day running of the organization.

At the end of the two year term, the Vice President will normally serve a subsequent two-year term as President and another two-year term as Past President in a largely consultative role.

Duties are not oppressively onerous, but I suggest that no-one stand for this position who is actively pursuing tenure at the time.

If anyone is willing to volunteer for this position, or to nominate someone else (with their prior permission of course), could you please contact me at before Feb. 15?

Thanks in advance.