CASDW Research Award for 2014

I am pleased to announce the recipients of the CASDW Award for Best Article or Book Chapter in Rhetoric, Writing Studies or Discourse Studies in 2013.

Kinsella, W. J., Kelly, A. R., & Autry, M. K. (2013). Risk, regulation, and rhetorical boundaries: claims and challenges surrounding a purported nuclear renaissance. Communication monographs, 80.3, 278-301.

Segal, J. (2013). Suffering and the rhetoric of care. In M. J. Hyde & J. A. Herrick (Eds.). After the genome: A language for our biotechnological future (219-234). TX:Baylor UP.

Spoel, P., McKenzie, P., James, S., & Hobberlin, J. (2013). Standards and stories: the interactional work of informed choice in Ontario midwifery care. Normes et narration: travail interactif autour des choix eclairs dans l’exercice des sages-femmes en Ontario. Healthcare Policy, 9, 71-85.

Andre, J.-A. D., & Graves, R. (2013). Writing requirements in nursing programs in Canada. Journal of nursing education, 52(2), 91-97.

Brent, D. (2013) The research paper and why we should still care? Writing program administration 37(1), 34-53.

Thanks from all of us to these talented scholars for adding to the breadth and depth of knowledge in our field. Thanks also to the members of the Research Awards Committee — Graham Smart, Sarah Banting, Margie Clow Bohan, Miriam Horne, and Natasha Artemeva — for their diligence in combing through databases in search of worthy contenders.