Call for Nominations: Canadian Journal for the Study of Discourse and Writing

The call for nominations for the editorship of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Discourse and Writing is pasted below and also attached as a Word document here.

This is a call for nominations or volunteers for the editorial team of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Discourse and Writing. The official job description is as follows:

The publication editor(s) have the following responsibilities

  • Prepare the contents of, and appropriately disseminate, Association publications in either print or electronic form
  • Appoint an assistant editor representing the official language other than that of the editor
  • Appoint an editorial board and a peer review board

This rudimentary description, of course, hides much of the real work. Some of this, such as preparing files with appropriate metadata so that they are searchable, is mechanical and could be delegated to technical assistants if available. Probably the biggest challenge, however, lies in coaxing the community to submit good manuscripts. Potential authors will need to be confidant that if their manuscripts are accepted, they will be published within a reasonable time frame. This, in turn, requires building the journal’s reputation.

Potential editors are encouraged to consult with the current editor in chief, Jaclyn Rae <> and her editorial team to discuss what would be involved in handing off the journal and maintaining it.

We hope to be able to vote in a new team at the conference in May, so it would be wonderful to have nominations by the end of March. Anyone interested should canvass colleagues at his or her institution to see whether there is broad support for organizing an editorial team. Please contact Doug Brent <> with questions or nominations.