Annual Awards

The 2019 Annual Award for Best Dissertation submitted in 2018 goes to Sarah Whyte (Waterloo, 2018) for her dissertation, The Rhetorical Life of Surgical Checklists: A Burkean Analysis with Implications for Knowledge Translation. 

The 2019 Annual Award for Best Article or Chapter published in 2018 by a member of CASDW goes to James Corcoran, Antoinette Gagné, and Megan McIntosh for “A conversation about ‘editing’ plurilingual scholars’ thesis writing” in Canadian Journal for the Study of Discourse and Writing 28 (2018).

Honourable Mention was awarded to Katja Thieme and Mary Ann S. Saunders for “How do you wish to be cited? Citation practices and a scholarly community of care in trans studies” in Journal of English for Academic Purposes 32 (2018).

Congratulations to all the winners!