Update from CASDW-ACR President

1. The CASDW Award Presentations and Virtual AGM will be Monday, June 1 from 11 am to 1 pm ET:

Please mark your calendar; the meeting agenda and details will be announced soon.

2. Please renew your membership:

Please visit our website to renew your annual CASDW-ACR membership.

3. CASDW Conference Update from Dana Landry, Vice-President and Program Chair:

As you know, the CASDW 2020 conference and the 2020 Congress have been cancelled. Despite this disappointment, we are excited about next year’s conference, which will preserve and build on this year’s work. Program updates will follow the June 1st AGM where we will elect the new Vice- President and Program Chair 2021-2023 and CASDW Executive.

It takes a village to raise a conference. Thank you to the many people who contributed to the 2020 program: Local coordinator (Boba Samuels) the program committee (Stephanie Bell, Shurli Makmillen, Brit Amell, Adrienne Raw, and Laura Baumvol), the proposal reviewers (Kim Mitchell, Brian Hotson, Sara Doody, Brit Amell, Adrienne Raw, Laura Baumvol, Boba Samuels, and JoAnne Andre).

We hope to connect with you on June 1st.


Andrea Williams, President, CASDW/ACR