Forthcoming Title in Inkshed: Writing Studies in Canada Series

Inkshed Publications has joined with Parlor Press to publish future Inkshed books as part of a book series called Inkshed: Writing Studies in Canada. Information about this series and how to propose a book can be found here.

The first book in the series was Cross-Border Networks in Writing Studies by Derek Mueller, Andrea Williams, Louise Wetherbee Phelps, and Jennifer Clary-Lemon (2017), an examination of how writing studies scholarship has developed over the past several decades.

In the next few months, Inkshed Publications will publish the second book in the series: Uptake, Memory, and Genre: The Discursive Career and Social Effects of the “Housing First” Approach to Homelessness in Canada by Diana Wegner (2020).

Inkshed Publications has money to support the publication of several more books, so if you have an idea for a monograph, edited collection, or some other form of scholarly publication, please contact the publishers of Inkshed Publications, Heather Graves and Roger Graves.