New Release in the Inkshed: Writing Studies in Canada Series

A new book in the Inkshed: Writing Studies in Canada series has just been released by Diana Wegner (faculty emerita, Douglas College and CASDW-ACR member).

Wegner’s book, titled A Genre Analysis of Social Change: Uptake of the Housing-First Solution to Homelessness in Canada (Parlor Press), contributes to current scholarship in rhetorical genre studies and discourse analysis in contexts of social change. More specifically, it explores the ways that historical genre systems can be transformed through the process of discursive uptake across genres and their spheres of activity. In this study such cross-genre uptake is pursued from its beginning in advocacy genres to its incorporation into higher-level, institutional genres.

A Genre Analysis of Social Change represents the summation of Wegner’s work over many years on how systems of genre can adapt to change as groups and institutional systems negotiate the uptake of solutions to major social challenges, in this case study the Canadian “Housing First” solution to ending homelessness. Her study shows how rhetorical genre analysis can offer insight into issues related to social justice for marginal groups within society.

As previously announced, Inkshed Publications is able to support the publication of additional monographs and edited collections. Please contact the publishers of Inkshed Publications, Heather Graves and Roger Graves, for information.