Job Posting: UofT Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (2-3 part-time positions)

The University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies’ Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) invites applications for 2-3 instructors to teach the non-credit courses listed below. GCAC’s non-credit courses run for three–six weeks, two hours per week, and applicants will be considered either for individual course modules, or for a combination of course modules, based on qualifications, experience, and availability.  Courses will be online until campus reopens, at which point some courses will be online and some will be held in-person.

All applicants should read course descriptions on the GCAC website at and indicate the specific course(s) for which they wish to be considered.

Here is a list of the non-credit courses for which we are seeking instructors:

Academic Writing for Non-native Speakers of English: Class size: 36 students. The GCAC offers three  separate courses on academic writing for non-native speakers of English: Academic Writing 1: Focus on Essentials; Academic Writing 2: Focus on Grammar; and Academic Writing 3: Focus on Style. Qualifications/Duties: We seek instructors for these five week courses (two hours a week) courses who are TESL Certified and experienced in teaching advanced L2 students. Course instructors prepare course materials, teach the course, provide students with written feedback on their work, and meet with students in one-on-one appointments and in office hours.

Oral Presentation Skills: Class size: 20 students. This five-week course (two hours a week) helps graduate students to prepare for class presentations, conference presentations, and thesis defences. Qualifications/Duties: Instructors must be highly effective presenters who are able to help students target the needs of specific audiences, design PowerPoint slides effectively, and deliver presentations with increased confidence and clarity. Successful applicants will be required to prepare materials, teach the course, give feedback on student presentations, and meet with students in tutorials and office hours.

Academic Conversation Skills: Class Size – 22 students.This six-week course (two hours a week) is designed for international graduate students who find speaking/listening in English more difficult than reading/writing, and engaging in academic dialogue more difficult than presenting prepared monologues. Qualifications/Duties: We seek instructors who are able to help students become aware of the linguistic and paralinguistic features of conversations in an academic context and who can assist students in decoding the cultural assumptions that shape conversational choices. Successful applicants will meet prepare curriculum suitable for advanced multilingual graduate students to supplement the provided40-page course-pack, and teach their own sections of the course (12 contact hours).

Proposal Writing:  We are seeking TAs for our proposal writing courses who will provide written feedback on students’ draft proposals and meet students in 1-on-1 appointments. GCAC offers three separate courses on proposal writing: “Writing SSHRC Proposals,” “Writing NSERC Proposals,” and “Writing CIHR Proposals,” all of which are offered in August. Appointments are held in late August and throughout September. Estimated enrolment for each course is 80 -150.  All applicants should indicate the specific course above for which he/she wishes to be considered. Qualifications/Duties:  We seek graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who have held/currently hold scholarships from SSHRC, NSERC, or CIHR to provide written and oral feedback on graduate students’ draft proposals. Successful applicants will be paid to attend the relevant course in September (if they have not already attended the course), to provide written feedback on students’ draft proposals, and to meet with students in 1-on-1 appointments. Preference will be given to applicants who are grant winners themselves and who have experience teaching writing at the university level, either in a classroom or one-on-one.

Total Number of Positions:      2-3

Size of Appointment (hours): 30 – 90 hours

Dates of Appointment:              September 2021 – Dec 2021 and/or January 2022 – April 2022 (or shorter for those teaching only one three-six week course) 

Salary:      $42 – $47 per hour, based on qualifications and experience    


To apply

To be considered for a position, please send an application letter outlining your particular suitability for work in GCAC, a curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information of three referees. Applications should be sent by email to Dr. Jane Freeman, Director of GCAC at using the following subject line:

GCAC Application to teach [name of course(s)]

In your covering letter, please be sure to indicate the positions above for which you would like to be considered. Please also state whether you are available for online or in-person teaching (once it is permitted by the university) or both. 

Date of Posting: June 29, 2021

Application deadline: July 26, 2021 or until positions are filled

Please note: Interviews will begin in August and continue until the positions are filled. The positions posted above are tentative pending final course determinations and enrolments.